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They are fun for everyone!

Whether you're new to the sport or a seasoned bowler, The Alley makes it easy to find the league to match your interests and skill level. With family, kids, senior, specialty leagues and more — we've got a league for everyone! Invite a group of family, friends or co-workers and we'll help you start your own league.

Do You Have to be Good to Join a Bowling League?

Let's get the short version of the answer out of the way right now: no, you don't have to be good to join a bowling league. Some people are nervous about trying new things in general, especially anything competitive, not knowing if they're good enough to fit in with the group.


Still Worried? What Does "Good" Mean?

If you average 120 and bowl in a league with a bunch of people who average 100, you are beyond good. If you average 120 and bowl in a league with people who average 200, you're not so good. The point: it's all relative. Because there are so many leagues available, most of which incorporate handicaps to level the competition among all bowlers, you should not use your talent level as a reason to join or not to join a bowling league.


Top reasons to join a league

  • Nothing says "Fashionable" more than our cool button down team shirts and sassy shoes!
  • No matter how poorly you throw the ball, it comes right back!
  • It's the perfect excuse to have a night out with your spouse!
  • It's the perfect excuse to have a night out without your spouse!
  • No mosquitoes, no sunburn, no rain-outs!
  • It is a lifetime of fun, friends and memories!

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League Schedule

Day of the Week League Name League Type Meeting Date Meeting Time Starting Date Starting Time
Monday Early Risers Senior (4) October 3 9:00am October 3 9:30am
Monday Lady Bugs Ladies (4) September 12 9:30am September 12 10:00am
Monday Kings and Queens Senior (4) October 3 12:30pm October 3 1:00pm
Monday Miller Light Monday Men's Men (5) September 12 6:00pm September 12 6:30pm
Monday Monday Mixed League Mixed (4) September 12 6:00pm May 31 6:30pm
Tuesday Senior - Fun Day Color Pin -  - All Year 1:00pm
Tuesday Tuesday Night Mixers Mixed (4) September 6 6:00pm September 6 6:30pm
Wednesday M and H Fun League Mixed (3) October 26th 9:30am November 3 9:30am
Wednesday South Shore Men's Men (4) September 7 6:00pm September 7 6:30pm
Wednesday Wednesday Fun - Timers Mixed (5) September 7 6:00pm September 7 6:30pm
Thursday Senior Fun Day Color Pin - All Year 9:30am All Year 9:30am
Thursday Senior Fun Day Color Pin - All Year 1:00pm All Year 1:00pm
Thursday Happy Hour Mixed (5) September 8 6:00pm September 8 6:30pm
Friday Friday Fun Bunch Mixed (5) September 9 6:00pm September 9 6:30pm
Saturday Saturday Youth Youth (4) September 10 9:00am September 10 9:30am
Sunday Sunday Night Live  Mixed (4) October 2nd 6:00pm October 9  6:00pm
Sunday Generation Gap Y/A September 11 3:15pm September 11 4:00pm


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